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Powerpuff girls z Cha.2  Buttercup vs Zeref .Cover by reizeropein Wall- Powerpuff New girls by BiPinkBunny

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:groups: ~WELCOME TO THE ODD ZONE~ :groups:


Everyone is allowed to join! Doesn´t matter if your intent is contributing artwork or not, you are welcome into the group so don´t be shy and click that "Join Group button" :la:

The group´s focus are the RowdyRude Boys which are the Mirror selves of the RowdyRuff Boys from the PowerPuff girls (Or so as portrayed in the story)

These boys belong to the fanfiction "Beichte´s Ordeal" (which includes the ongoing comic "PPGR"), it talks about the two sides of the same storyline, as it involves the RowdyRuff`s reality and the parallel alternative of it in the other side which would be "Fractal VileTown".


:bulletorange: No tracing, stealing or submitting art that isn´t yours, if someone is caught doing that he or she will be kicked from the group.

:bulletblack: No submitting badly worked bases (if you submit an artwork made from a base and is decently done it will be accepted)

:bulletorange: Anything is allowed except for deviations breaking DA rules.

:bulletblack: Being that this group focuses on the RRDEs we kindly ask you to not submit your FanCharacters unless there´s a RRDE with him or her (The RRDE has to be the main focus in the picture if such deviation is to be allowed here)

:bulletorange: Any kind of Art skill is well received in this group though please do not submit poorly made doodles, circle and line figures or such... put a bit of effort into it or else it will be turned down.

:bulletblack: No flaming or bashing any member, artwork or character (Or else you´ll be kicked out)

:bulletorange: If you want to affiliate feel free to do so ouo

STATUS: Editing stuff :3


PPGR: Beichtes Ordeal- WARNING AUDIO INSIDE by EnthriexChapter 1- Incident -cover- by EnthriexChapter 2: Occasional Beatings by Enthriex



:bulletblack:I´m almost done with organizing the group, yeah it was a mess before :U and well I noticed while doing so that there were poorly made drawings in it... We allow anything though I have to respectfully ask you to not submit anything that is unfinished or there is no effort put into it.

:bulletorange:Sketches must be well done if they are to be accepted... if they are not then that would be a deviation better fitting in "scraps" and that´s what we mean when we say poorly done u.u

:bulletblack:There sare some of these deviations already in the gallery and out of politeness they´ll stay there but we will not accept anymore drawings like those, put a bit of effort into it >_< really, it´s not nice to be rejecting or turning things down :/

:bulletorange:There really are no complicated art standards, we just ask you to submit finished artwork in either folder (digital or traditional), if you guys are still unsure then I encourage you to take a look at the drawings already in the group... (yeah, though, ignore the unfinished artworks cause that´s exactly what we are asking you not to submit).

:bulletblack: This isn´t a group to submit unrelated fan characters so please respect this and do not submit them either, if you still want to then they must at least be with a RRDE in the picture and the RRDE must be visible enough. We do not dislike fan characters just that really, it´s not a group for that XD be sure that they are welcome if they are with a RRDE (RowdyRude Boy) in the picture.

:bulletorange: This also means that fan characters aren´t allowed either if you just include them with a RowdyRuff, PowerPuff, PowerPunk. We state this since many people take advantage that there´s no set rule against it and submit the pictures anyway :/ (And of course, this also means fan character based comics are not accepted either)

:bulletblack: And of course, you can submit anything related to the PowerPuff Girls/ PPGZ/ RowdyRuff Boys/ PowerPunk Girls or of course anything related to the RowdyRude Boys (RRDEs). (Yes this includes anything from the PPG cartoon or PPGZ anime)

:bulletorange: It´s not necessary to submit something about The RowdyRude Boys (Though we encourage you to and would love to see any art related to them) but it is required to be a supporter of The RowdyRude Boys, as long as you like the idea of the boys and such you are very much welcome :heart:
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terri620 Apr 10, 2014  New member
terri620 Apr 10, 2014  New member
Who is your fav it on the rowdy rude boys and power punk girls 
Enthriex Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm of the RowdyRudes I don´t really have a favorite xD though I like to draw Raze the most  :P of the powerpunks that´d be Brute :3
terri620 Apr 10, 2014  New member
Your welcome 
terri620 Apr 10, 2014  New member
This club is awesome 
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